0-12.7mm 0.5 Inch Carbon Fiber Composites Digital Thickness Caliper Micrometer Guage Measure Tool Red
Features: Made of extra strong carbon fiber composites, lightweight and durable. Two way measurement, internal and external. Linear capacitive measuring system. Zero setting in any position. With easy to read large LCD display. An ideal tool for a broad range...
0-180 Degree Adjustable Ruler Multi-function Gauge Combination Square Angle Ruler Stainless Steel Measuring Tools
Features:Made of stainless steel without rust or deformation.In the field of micromachining, laser technology is used for high precision manufacturing.Corrosion and scale resistant, durable.Mobile multi direction measurement.Suitable for measuring, marking, processing wood, placing position, etc.Specifications:Material: stainless steel + aluminum alloyMeasurement...
0-200 PSI back Mount Air Compressor Pressure Gauge 2" Face 1/4" Male NPT Pipe Threads Air Compressor Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
One new 0-200 PSI back mount air compressor pressure gauge. This gauge features a 2" face and has 1/4" Male NPT thread on the back center of the gauge. This gauge can be used to measure air, water, oil, gas,...
0-200mm Stainless Steel Vernier Caliper With Carbide Scriber Parallel Marking Gauging Ruler Measuring Tools
?Features:1. Fine workmanship, readable accuracy2. The design is ingenious and easy to use.3. Excellent material, strong and durableUsage:Mainly suitable for woodworking and other needs to do parallel line marking, first select a fixed straight line surface, then select the required...
0-29mm Steel Metric Taper Gauge Aperture Scale Wedge Feeler For Drill Hole 4 In 1 Muti-fuction Gap Ruler Measuring Tools
? ? ? Features: The structure is simple and reasonable. The taper standard reading. Stainless steel for site measurement. The measurement is convenient and will be read on the clearance gauge or aperture. Application: construction, railway, electric power, ceramic sanitary...
0-30V 0-10A Adjustable DC Power Stabilizer with 3 Digit Display AU Plug For Lab Grade Mode Free Shipping
Specification: Input Voltage: 110/220V Output Current: 0-10A Output Voltage: 0-60V Protection: over voltage, short circuit, over current, over temperature Precision: Voltage: 0.1V, Current: 0.01A Restore Time: ¡Ü300us (50% load change rate, min load 0.5A) High Voltage Test: Leak Current¡Ü10mA (ground...
0-360 Degree Slope Inclinometer Angle Finder Measuring Slope Protractor with Magnetic Level Gauge Measuring Tool
Specifications:Material: ABSType: Angle rulerMeasurement range: 0-360¡ãMeasurement accuracy: 1¡ãResolution: 1¡ãSize: 95*95*20mm/3.74*3.74*0.79"Weight: 50gBe careful:This is a simple teaching angle meter. The pointer may be slightly separated from the fixed iron core during transportation, resulting in inaccurate pointer. Just open the cover and...
0-360 Mini Digital Protractor Inclinometer Angle Finder Bevel Box Angle Gauge Meter with Magnet Base Measuring tool - Browm
? High Precision Mini Digital Protractor Inclinometer Angle Finder Bevel Box with Magnet Base Features: Relative measurement and absolute measurement conversion. Conversion of angles and slopes. Data locking is easy to read. Single side with magnetic port. 5 minutes automatic...
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0-60 Degree Precision Gauge for Milling Machine Micro Adjustable Angle V Block Milling Angle Plate Grinder Accessories - AP30
Features:Use: adjustable angle drill bit, cross or other accessories on milling machine, planer, grinding machine and cutter will become workpieces, after fastening workpieces, such as machining inclined plane, inclined drill, etc.Usage: (1) loosen the screw, pull the V-shaped block along...
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0-80/100mm Scale Digital Electronic Vernier Caliper Accurate to 1mm Accuracy of Reading Gauge Micrometer Measuring Tool - 0-100mm
Features:Laser engraving, clear reading.Accurate to 1mm, accurate reading.The system of metric and British is the same, and the reading is more convenient.Specifications:Size: 116*33*4mm/4.57*1.3*0.16"Material: ABSApplicability: Student stationery, jewelry and prose play measurementSpecification: 0-100mm/3.94"Notes:1. Due to the different monitor and light effect,...
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0.15 Meters VGA Extender to Lan Cat5 Cat5e RJ45 Converter Ethernet Adapter Cable Black Male Female Extender Adapter - male
0.15 Meters VGA Extender to Lan Cat5 Cat5e RJ45 Converter Ethernet Adapter Cable Black Male Female Extender AdapterFeatures:100% brand new and high qualityUse this adapter along with CAT5 cables to extend VGA video signals up to 100ftSave money by using...
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0.18mm 14U pins Makeup Disposable Microblading Pens Needles Embroidery Blades - Yellow
Description:Pen is safe and durable enough for long time use, and stainless steel pin has excellent stability and low vibration.Using freehand for manual eyebrow tattoo and other uses, and no power is needed.Cross-mouth design fits all flat blade pins, and...
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0.1MHz-1.7GHz TCXO RTL SDR Receiver R820t2 USB RTL-SDR Dongle with 0.5ppm TCXO SMA MJZSEE A300U Tester - Silver
    Features: 1.Covers VHF & UHF bands from 25MHz-1700MHz. 2.Supports AM, FM, CW, DAB+, ADS-B, LSB. 3.Aluminum enclosure with internal thermal tape. 4.Plusmn0.5 PPM temperature compensated TCXO. 5.Fully assembled and ready to use. 6.Small size board and light weight....
0.2 Meters USB 3.1 Type C Female To USB 3.0 Male Port Adapter Cable USB-C To Type-A Connector Converter For Macbook - Black
Features: Portable size, easy to carry and use. It is very durable for use. Lightweight and easy to carry. USB 3.1 Type C female connector to USB3.0 A male data adapter. It helps the user get a USB-C Port via...
  • Black
0.26MM 9H Explosion Proof Screen Protective Film Tempered Glass Screen Protective Film Suitable For Samsung Galaxy A30 / A50
Features:Suitable For Samsung Galaxy A30 / A50.Smudge resistant.A very thin protective film allows for greater hard screen sensitivity and works well with swivel screens.Touch and Swivel screen compatible.No glue residue after removal.Crystal clear optical glass that exceeds the clariy of...
0.28 inch Digital Voltmeter 3-Wire DC 0V to 100V LED Digital Voltage Meter Tester Panel 5 Colors monitor - Red
? ? ? Features: With 3 wires, easy connection; directly use the measured voltage as a power supply (extra power supply is needed for 30V or more voltage); High precision, low starting working voltage; with reverse protection, prevent burning wires;...
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0.28 inch LCD Two Wire 2.5-30V Red LED Digital DC Voltmeter Panel Meter NG4S
? ? 100% Brand new and high quality precision automatic adjustment ,when less than 10V accurate to 0.01V, more than 10V accurate to 0.1V Two wire connection, with reverse polarity protection Display color: Red Two-wire Measurement range: DC 2.5-30V Min....
0.28 Inch Ultra Small Digital Dc Digital Display Adjustable Three Line Dc0-100v Battery Voltmeter 2-Line 3-Line Universal - Green
Introduction:?This voltmeter has the smallest volume, DC range DC0-100V, universal for 2-wire and 3-wire products, breaking the conventional voltmeter, is the latest design.?1. It can work directly in 5V, 9V, 12V, 24V and other circuits without voltage regulation.?2. It is...
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0.2m USB 3.1 USB-C Type-C Male to Micro USB 2.0 5pin Male Connector Cable for Mobile Phone Laptop Tablet PC
0.2m Micro USB 2.0 5pin to USB-C Type-C Male to Male Connector Cable for Mobile Phone Laptop Tablet USB 3.1 USB-C Type-C Male to Micro USB 2.0 5pin Male Connector Adapter Cable Wire CordSpecifications: Plug: Type-c male head, nickel plated...
0.2m USB C Type-C to HDMI Converter Adapter Cablle 4K 30Hz Male to Female Adapter Cable Wire Cord
Description: Type-C converts to HDMI HD line, transfers Type-C signal output to HDMI HD equipment with HDMI interface display, projector or TV (for MacBook, for Huawei Mate20/P20/Mate 10 P20, for Samsung S10/S9/S8, for Dell XPS 15), etc. Feature: 1. Nylon...
0.2m XLR 3 Pin Male Plug to 3.5mm TRS 1/8inch Female Stereo Audio Adapter Microphone Extension Cable Wire
0.2m XLR 3 Pin Male Plug to Mini 3.5mm TRS 1/8inch Female Stereo Audio Adapter Microphone Extension Cable WireFeature:Excellent signal transmission is specially applied for harsh requirements.Suitable for connecting microphones, etc.Great connection between audio devices.Specification:Connector: 3.5mm female head, XLR 3...
0.2mm 9H 2.15D Arc Edge Tempered Glass Protective Screen Rear Camera Protector Film for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+
Features: Damage and scratches with specially processed glass that has been reinforced to increase shock absorbency. Never any air bubbles. Layer Glass Protection. The 9H hardness can effectively protect your screen. Anti-shatter film, making it safer for users. Make the...
0.2mm 9H 2.15D Arc Edge Tempered Glass Protective Screen Rear Rear Camera Protector Film for Samsung Galaxy S10e
Features:Damage and scratches with specially processed glass that has been reinforced to increase shock absorbency.Never any air bubbles.Layer Glass Protection.The 9H hardness can effectively protect your screen.Anti-shatter film, making it safer for users.Make the screen more sensitive for operation.Automatic adsorption...
0.3 Meters Reversible Design Type C USB 3.1 90 degree Male to USB-C Female Extension Data Cable Extender Cord Dropshipping
Features:Portable size, easy to carry and use.Type C connector is the new design for USB 3.1.New smaller size: similar to size of USB 2.0 Micro-B.Reversible Design for Type C connector.Reversible plug orientation / Cable direction.Support Scalable power charging.Specifications: Color: BlackLength:...
0.3-3.4mm 3 Claw Keyless Drill Collet Excellent Aluminium Alloy Chuck Adapter Impact Hex Shank Driver Tool One Kind18x14x14mm - Golden
Description:?It is suitable for the electric mill with a spindle of 8mm.?The chuck can hold a range of 0.3-3.4mm.?Special note: be sure to see if the model described matches your machine before buying.??01?Specifications:?Material: aluminum alloy?Type: electric grinding chuck?The tail hole:...
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0.3-8mm 1/4" Keyless Drill Chuck Screwdriver Impact Driver Adaptor Hex Shank Universal Drill Bit Grinder Converter NG4S
Features: Easy to use and install. Conveniently, safely & quickly. Easily locks onto and releases drill bits. Allows hex drive power tools to use conventional drill bits. Specifications: Material: Metal Clamping range: 0.6-8mm Net weight: approx. 47g Product size: approx....
0.3/0.5/0.6/0.8/1/1.5/2m RJ45 Male to Female Ethernet Cable Screw Mount 100M LAN Network Extension Cord Networking Cables
RJ45 Cable Male to Female Screw Panel Mount 100Mbps?Ethernet LAN Network Extension Cord Features: One injection crystal head with a shielded iron shell for durability. Support 10M/100M network, Not support fiber Gigabit network, both ends of the female head with...
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0.36 inch DC 0-100V LED Mini Digital Voltmeter Blue/red/green LED Display Volt Meter Gauge Voltage Panel Meter - Blue
? ? ? Specifications: Dimensions: 33 X 15 X 10mm? Measurement range: DC 100V Open hole size: 23 X 15mm? Maximum input: DC 120V (higher than this voltage is dangerous to burn) Wire length: 15cm? Allowance error: 1% (+/-1 word)...
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