Machinist Square Measure Right Angle Ruler 90 Degree Carpenter Hardening of Precision Steel for Engineers Auxiliary Tool - 10063mm
Features:1. Designed for precise layout and measurement2. Squares are really right angles inside and outside.3. Grinding and grinding beams and blades into parallelism4. The length of the blade is measured from the corner edge of the beam to the end...
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300KG/661lbs Electronic Postal Scale LCD Display Personal Floor Platform Scale For Industry Household Heavy Thing Weighting
?Features:1. Accumulate operation (0-99)2. Account function, do memory recall, give change and memory clear one time3. Auto shut off function to save power4. Accumulate function5. UNIT PRICE Storage function6. Display windows: Weight window: 5digits; Unit price window: 5digits; Total price...
3X 4X 8X 10X Magnifying Glass Portable Handheld Magnifier for Jewelry Newspaper Book Reading High Definition Eye Loupe Glass
? Features: Fashion hand-held magnifier jewelry/reading use. High quality material, durable. Ergonomic design: provide comfortable feel. Very suitable for viewing small objects. Specifications: 01 Material: Glass Lens Amplification factor: 10X Inner frame diameter: 50mm/1.97" Size: 135*60*15mm/5.31*2.36*0.59" Weight: 67g 02 Specifications:...
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0.36inch LED Display Digital Voltmeter Two Line 4.5-30V Auto Shift Voltmeter Volt Gauge Meter NG4S - Green
Features: 1. The wire connection is simple, only need to connect two wires, the red line connect the anode, the black line connect the cathode. Inside the voltmeter, there are reverse polarity connect protection. 2. This voltmeter work without external...
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0.28 Inch Ultra Small Digital Dc Digital Display Adjustable Three Line Dc0-100v Battery Voltmeter 2-Line 3-Line Universal - Green
Introduction:?This voltmeter has the smallest volume, DC range DC0-100V, universal for 2-wire and 3-wire products, breaking the conventional voltmeter, is the latest design.?1. It can work directly in 5V, 9V, 12V, 24V and other circuits without voltage regulation.?2. It is...
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0-29mm Steel Metric Taper Gauge Aperture Scale Wedge Feeler For Drill Hole 4 In 1 Muti-fuction Gap Ruler Measuring Tools
? ? ? Features: The structure is simple and reasonable. The taper standard reading. Stainless steel for site measurement. The measurement is convenient and will be read on the clearance gauge or aperture. Application: construction, railway, electric power, ceramic sanitary...
10X Handheld Magnifying Glass High Definition Optical Real Glass Magnifier Lens For Reading Map Newspaper Jewelry Loupe
? ? ? Handheld Magnifying Glass 10X High Optical Real Glass Magnifier Lens Features: Lightweight, durable,high-end atmosphere. 100% HD Glass, the best reading rate. Grip comfort, extend the service life. Fit for: Reading, Outdoor fire disaster. Specifications: Size: approx. 90mm/3.54''...
Precision LCD Digital Scales 300g/0.001g Mini Electronic Grams Balance for Industrial Portable Electronic Laboratory Scale - B
Introductions:Do you need a digital scale to ensure accurate, rapid and steady weighing? This Electronic Experiment Balance with Battery can meet your demand. This Electronic Experiment Balance adopts high quality plastic for your long-term use. In addition, it is equipped...
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Remote Control Laser Level Instrument Vertical Horizontal Self-leveling 12 Lines 3D Green Laser Level for Brick Cutting Board - Red
Specifications:?Material: ABS plastic shell?Product size: 23*21*15cm/9.06*8.27*5.91"?Gross weight: 1.4 kg?Laser diode: 532nm green light?Accuracy: ??1mm/5m?Automatic leveling: ??4???Slash Line function: yes?Operating temperature: 0-40???Wall sticking distance: 7mm?Outdoor visible distance: 5-10m?Indoor visible distance: 30m?Working hours: 4h?Power supply: 18650 battery?Protection grade: IP54??Notes:?1. Due to the...
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G600 600x Portable 4.3Inch HD OLED Display Battery Powered LCD Digital Video Microscope Magnifying Glass with 8 LED Light
Feature: Portable LCD display digital microscope, easy to carry. Adjustable angle knob can change the angle of installation. With universal support, can change the angle at random, adjust the height, easy to operate. Comes with an intelligent universal holder, lightweight...
High Precision Laser Level Device 360 Degree Remote Control Good Transmittance Low Refraction 12 Line Green Laser Self-leveling
Features:Glass laser shield has good transmittance and low refraction.Remote control for easy operation.H Key Horizontal Switch,V Key Vertical Switch,OUT Key Oblique Function Button.Arbitrary slant can be struck within 180 degrees.It can be used indoors and outdoors.Specifications:Light: 360 degrees*3,12 linesLight Source:...
8 Lines 3D Green Laser Level High-Precision Self-Balancing 360 Horizontal and Vertical Cross Automatic Wall Mounter - EU plug
Specifications:Material: ABS plastic shellProduct size: 21*19.5*17cm/8.27*7.68*6.69"Laser light: 360 ?? X3, 8 linesWavelength: 532nm green lightHorizontal / vertical accuracy: ?? 0.2mm/1mAutomatic leveling: ?? 3 ??Slash function: YesWorking temperature: 0-40 ??Accuracy: + 1mm / 5mDistance to wall: 7mmWorking distance: 15-30mWorking time: more...
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High Precision Infrared Laser Level Instrument Meter 12 Lines Self-leveling Scribe Horizontal/Vertical Measuring Tool - US plug
Features:1. 3D 12 line irradiation, 360 ?? no dead angle2. It is common indoor and outdoor, with high brightness and green color, clear indoor and outdoor, long projection distance, high laser height and clear lines.3. Accurate measurement, more convenient to...
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5 Lines High Precision Green Laser Level Instrument Self-leveling Measuring Tool Instruments Automatic Wall Mounter - US plug
Specifications:Material: ABS plastic shellProduct size: 21*19.5*17cm/8.27*7.68*6.69"Laser diode: 532nm green lightSelf-leveling: ??3??Emission Angle: ??120??Horizontal accuracy: 5m??1mmVertical accuracy: 5m??1mmAccuracy of lower alignment: ??1mm/1.5mOrthogonal accuracy: ??1mm/3mLine width: 2mm / 5mWorking environment: indoor/outdoorPower supply: lithium batteriesPlug specification: US/EUOblique Line function: yesOperating temperature: 0-40??Wall sticking...
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2 Lines 3D Green Beam Horizontal/Vertical Self-leveling Laser Level Instruments Laser Wavelength 532Nm IP54 Protection Level - EU
Specifications:?Material: ABS plastic shell?Package size: 24*24*18cm/9.45*9.45*7.09"?Gross weight: about 1.3kg?Laser tube :520 osram 10MW?Light thickness (within 5m) :2mm?Charger:US/EU?Outdoor visible distance: within 15m?Indoor visible distance: within 100m?Battery: 18650 battery?Laser grade :Class 2 (IEC/ en60825-1/2007)?Laser wavelength :532nm?Accuracy error /10m: within 2mm?Automatic leveling range...
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2 Line 3D Level Self-leveling Laser Level Detector Infrared Green Laser Level Mechanical Automatic Leveling Optical Instrument - EU
Specifications:?Material: ABS plastic shell?Package size: 24*24*18cm/9.45*9.45*7.09"?Gross weight: about 1.3kg?Laser tube :520 osram 20MW?Light thickness (within 5m) :1.5mm?Charger:US/EU?Outdoor visible distance: within 10m?Indoor visible distance: within 80m?Laser grade :Class 2 (IEC/ en60825-1/2007)?Laser wavelength :520nm?Accuracy error /10m: within 1mm?Automatic leveling range :3???Protection grade...
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LCD Underground Metal Detector Adjustable Handheld Scanner 5 Operation Modes Waterproof Scanner Aluminum Alloy Treasures Hunter
Features:Storage mode: the detector will store the selected metal and react only to this metal.Precise mode: press the "PP" button, the detector will enter the precise mode and no longer have the recognition ability. Just press the "PP" button and...
PCB Vector Network Analyzer Kit 50KHz-900MHz MF HF VHF UHF 2.8-inch Digital Display Antenna Shortwave Analyzer 85.5x54x11mm - Upgraded
Features:?PCB: 54mm x 85.5mm x 11mm (excluding connector and switch)Measurement frequency: 50KHz ~ 900MHzRF output: - 13dbm (max. - 9dbm)Frequency accuracy: < 2ppmFrequency stability: < 0.5ppmMeasurement range: 70dB (50khz-300mhz), (50dB (300M-600MHz), 40dB (600M-900MHz);Port SWR: < 1.1Display: 2.8-inch TFT (320 x...
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MESR-100 Capacitance Ohm Meter Measure Resistance Capacitor Circuit Tester
Descriptions:This MESR-100 V2 automatic range capacitor ESR and low ohmmeter range from 0.001 to 100.0R, supporting circuit testing. Measuring ESR with a true 100 KHz sine wave is equivalent to the capacitor manufacturer's test method.Features:It is a series resistance inside...
21pcs Car Auto Handheld Vacuum Pump Kit Pressure Pump Tester brake bleeder Adaptor Fluid Bleeder Oil Tester Tool Set
Introduction: A vacuum pump is a device that improves, produces, and maintains vacuum in an enclosed space. It uses various methods to improve. This simple vacuum pump has a excellent function. Made of high quality alloy steel, plastic and rubber...
Digital Microscope Electronic Video Microscope Phone Repair Soldering Magnifier with 8 LED Lights Adjustable Brightness
Product description:Uses: Electronic circuit board testing, industrial testing, textile testing, watch mobile phone maintenance, skin inspection, scalp inspection, anatomical laboratory testing, printing testing, teaching and scientific research tools, precision object magnification measurement, reading help, hobbies, etc. RCH, etc.Features:Full-featured, clear picture,...
1000X 4.3Inch HD 1080P Digital Microscope Portable Desktop LCD Digital Microscope Magnifier Magnify Glass With 8 LED lamps
? 1000X 4.3 Inch HD 1080P Portable Desktop LCD Digital Microscope Magnifier Magnify Glass Set Support 10 Languages Features:? Built in lithium battery, it can work continuously for 4 hours. 4.3 inch high-definition LCD screen, easy to observe more detailed...
12 Line Red Beam Infrared Laser Level Meter Self-leveling Level Instrument
Specifications:Laser wavelength: ??653(nm)Accuracy: ??0.2mm/m?Power Supply: ChargingShape size: 200*110*70mm/7.87*4.33*2.76"Material: Steel + Industrial PlasticsWorking distance: 30mWorking temperature: - 10 ??~40??Notes:1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed...
5 Line 6 Points Red Beam Laser Level Self-leveling Measuring Instrument - B
Specifications A/B:Material: ABS + alloyTypes: vertical and horizontal lasersMeasurement model: 5 linesLaser color: redLaser wavelength: 635nmInstallation threads: 5/8"Power supply: 3*1.5AA battery (not included) /AC 100-240V adapter(EU/US)Size: 190*120*120mm/7.48*4.72*4.72"Weight: 950gSpecifications C/D:Material: ABS + alloyTypes: vertical and horizontal lasersMeasurement model: 5 linesLaser color:...
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