Machinist Square Measure Right Angle Ruler 90 Degree Carpenter Hardening of Precision Steel for Engineers Auxiliary Tool - 10063mm
Features:1. Designed for precise layout and measurement2. Squares are really right angles inside and outside.3. Grinding and grinding beams and blades into parallelism4. The length of the blade is measured from the corner edge of the beam to the end...
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  • 10063mm
  • 8050mm
  • 12580mm
0-29mm Steel Metric Taper Gauge Aperture Scale Wedge Feeler For Drill Hole 4 In 1 Muti-fuction Gap Ruler Measuring Tools
? ? ? Features: The structure is simple and reasonable. The taper standard reading. Stainless steel for site measurement. The measurement is convenient and will be read on the clearance gauge or aperture. Application: construction, railway, electric power, ceramic sanitary...
7pcs Multi-function Gauge Durable Lightweight High-quality Woodworking Electric Wood Milling Table Saw Setup Bars
Features:1. It is made of soft aluminum, which can prevent damage to saw blade or router planer head during installation.2. Suitable for saw planer or shaper.3. Height adjustment, distance test from blade to fence and complete cut depth test can...
0-60 Degree Precision Gauge for Milling Machine Micro Adjustable Angle V Block Milling Angle Plate Grinder Accessories - AP30
Features:Use: adjustable angle drill bit, cross or other accessories on milling machine, planer, grinding machine and cutter will become workpieces, after fastening workpieces, such as machining inclined plane, inclined drill, etc.Usage: (1) loosen the screw, pull the V-shaped block along...
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  • AP30
  • AP25
  • AP46
Solid Brass Vernier Caliper Gauge Micrometer 80MM/3.15" Mini Ruler Accurate Measurement Tools Standard Vernier Caliper
Specification: Thickness: 2.2mm Material: Solid Brass Type: Double Scale(MM/INCHES) Total Wide: Approx.3.4cm/1.34" Total Length:Approx.9.7cm/3.82" Features: Scale marked in millimeters. Ultra precision and effortless operation. Precision measuring instrument for delicate items - essential tool for jewelers. Solid brass is non-magnetic, non-rusting...
High Precision Vernier Calipers Installation Renovation Work ABS 0-150mm Double Scale Digital Measuring Instruments - White
Features:Laser engraving, clear reading.Accurate to 1mm, accurate reading.The system of metric and British is the same, and the reading is more convenient.Specifications:Size: 126*35*5mm/4.96*1.38*0.2"Material: ABSApplicability: Student stationery, jewelry and prose play measurementSpecification: 0-150mm/5.91"Color:White/Red/Green/Blue/BlackNotes:1. Due to the different monitor and light effect,...
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Woodworking Scribe Measuring Measure 120x25x15mm Tool Hot Selling Convenient Safety Practical High-quality Supplies - A
?Features:Copper made with a convenient tool can mark the slope of dovetail groove quickly and accurately.Two scales are marked (1:5 / 1:7) or (1:6 / 1:8) to meet different needs.Accurate cutting and forming, convenient and perfect tools, can help you...
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Useful Protractor Multi-Ruler 360 Degree Goniometer Angle Medical Spinal Ruler with Angle Parallel Line Multi-Scale Centimeter
Description:Professional multi-functional 360-degree goniometer consists of two rulers with multi-scale centimeter/inch/angle/parallel lines, which makes the ruler available in many areas.Special printing technology, long-term use will not wear.It is a good tool for hospitals, pharmaceuticals or supplies, as well as for...
0-80/100mm Scale Digital Electronic Vernier Caliper Accurate to 1mm Accuracy of Reading Gauge Micrometer Measuring Tool - 0-100mm
Features:Laser engraving, clear reading.Accurate to 1mm, accurate reading.The system of metric and British is the same, and the reading is more convenient.Specifications:Size: 116*33*4mm/4.57*1.3*0.16"Material: ABSApplicability: Student stationery, jewelry and prose play measurementSpecification: 0-100mm/3.94"Notes:1. Due to the different monitor and light effect,...
  • 0-100mm
  • 0-80mm
Metal Steel Engineers Try Square Set Wood Measuring Tool Right Angle Ruler 90 Degrees Measurement Instruments
? ? ? Specifications: Material: steel Product size: 30 x 13 x 1cm/11.81 x 5.12 x 0.39in Product weight: 80g Purpose: measuring tool perpendicularity, used for vertical inspection of machine tools, woodworking, mechanical equipment and parts ? 1 x Try...
Practical 4PCS Body Measuring Ruler Sewing Tailor Tape Measure Soft Flat 60Inch 1.5M Free Shipping NG4S
? 100% brand new and good quality Centimeters are on one side and inches on the reverse Made of soft fiberglass with large printed numbers Very flexible and portable, with metal ends Large print makes it easy to read Ideal...
Woodworking Scribe Mark Line Gauge Woodworking Center Scriber Angle Line Gauge Carpenter Board Cutter Ruler
Specifications:Material: ABSUse: woodworking marking, positioning and cuttingSize: 47 * 43 * 34mm/1.85*1.69*1.34"Weight: 15gNotes:1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!2....
Triangle Angle Protractor Multi-functional Carpenter Measuring Ruler Accurate Measurement and Wide Application Layout Tool
?Features:?1. Excellent material, durable2. Fine workmanship, no burrs3. Accurate measurement and wide applicationPurpose:Surveying, woodworking, architecture and design, etc.Welding can improve measurement accuracy.Specifications:Material: AlloySize: 240*170*170mm/9.45*6.69*6.69"Notes:1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be...
1Pcs 15cm/20cm/30cm/40cm/50cm Double Side Scale Stainless Steel Straight Ruler Measuring Tool School Office Supplies 0.5mm
01Specifications:Material: stainless steelMeasurement range: 150mm/5.91"Product Size: 170*19*0.5mm/6.69*0.75*0.02"Weight: 17g02Specifications:Material: stainless steelMeasurement range: 200mm/7.87"Product size: 230*25*0.7mm/9.06*0.98*0.03"Weight: 28g03Specifications:Material: stainless steelMeasurement range: 300mm/11.81"Product size: 330*26*0.7mm/12.99*1.02*0.03"Weight: 47g04Specifications:Material: stainless steelMeasurement range: 400mm/15.75"Product size: 435*28*0.7mm/17.13*1.1*0.03"Weight: 70g05Specifications:Material: stainless steelMeasurement range: 500mm/19.69"Product size: 527*28*0.7mm/20.75*1.1*0.03"Weight: 70gNotes:1. Due to the different...
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Woodworking Scribe Mark Line Wood Gauge T-type Ruler Wear-resistant and Rust-proof Practical Durable Carpenter Measuring Tool - A
Features:??Aluminum alloy woodworking rule, wear - resistant and anti - rust, long service life.?T type design, can draw horizontal line, also can draw vertical line, can draw vertical line distance 5-162mm.?The scale is clear and the marking is accurate.?Use method:...
  • A
European Double-headed Line Scriber Blade Wooden Scribe-line Woodworking Tools Structure Simple Strong Quality Measuring Tools - Red
Features:?1. This product is made of aluminum alloy, with light weight and strong quality.?2. Simple structure, easy to use, can save time.?3. Blade hardness is 60?? higher than ordinary hard alloy.??Specifications:?Material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel?Scale bar diameter 8 x190mm/0.31x7.48", effective...
  • Red
Aluminum Alloy Triangle Protractor Durable Clear Scale Corrosion-resistant DIY Woodworking Right Angle Marking Tool 150X130mm
Features:?1. Aluminum alloy material, anodic oxidation treatment, anti-corrosion, durable2. Light weight, easy to carry3. Right-angled marking, clear scale, suitable for woodworking industrySpecifications:Material: Aluminum alloySize: 150*130mm/5.91*5.12", inclined 180mm/7.09"Usage: woodworking right-angle marking auxiliary toolNotes:Due to the different monitor and light effect, the...
20 inch Plastic Profile Copy Contour Gauge Standard Pipe Tile Wood Marking Tool Used to Measure the Shape of Irregular Objects - Blue
Features:?ABS plastic material, stable and durable.??It can be used to measure the shape of irregular objects.??The profile gauge can be reproduced by pressing it on a shape.??Widely used in ceramic tiles, boards, carpets, etc., check the size, cut and shape,...
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Stainless Steel Square Ruler Tiling Laminate Contour Profile Gauge Duplicator Seiko Production and Quality Assurance Feature - 300mm
Features:?Clear scale, easy to operate.?Auxiliary marking tool for woodworking, as well as DIY woodworking enthusiasts.??Specifications:??Material: stainless steel?Specification: 200mm/7.87" (386g), 250mm/9.84" (423g), 300mm/11.81" (476g)?Accuracy: 0.1mm?Process: chrome plating, fine grinding, laser engraving?Application: widely used in all kinds of machining marking??Notes:?1. Due to...
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  • 300mm
  • 200MM
  • 250mm
Woodworking Center Scriber Template Dovetail Wood Joints Gauge Guide Portable Tool Curve Design Conforming to Ergonomics - Red
Features:Used to draw the center line of the board.Surface anodized, not easy to rust.Widely used, with different thickness, the maximum measurement size is 95mm.The tip of the thimble is sharp, and the lines are clear and visible.Specifications:Material: aluminum alloyColor:Red/BluePackage size:...
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  • Blue
Plastic Gauge Contour Profile Gauge Duplicator 20Inch Profile Measuring Instrument Wood Marking Tiling Laminate General Tools - Red
Features:ABS plastic material, stable and durable. It can be used to measure the shape of irregular objects. The profile gauge can be reproduced by pressing it on a shape.?Widely used in ceramic tiles, boards, carpets, etc., check the size, cut...
  • Red
150/300mm Aluminum Alloy Triangle Angle Ruler Squares for Woodworking Speed Square Angle Protractor Measuring Tools Rulers
Features:?Aluminum alloy material, rust and corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high hardness, durable.Laser sculpture, special processing, clear scale, high precision, wear-resisting, beautiful and generous.Double-sided, double-scale, readable angle, and metric scale.Human nature design, grinding texture, thickening design, high cost performance.Specifications:Material: Aluminum Alloy150mm/5.91"...
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LCD Digital Display Vernier Calipers Durable Stainless Steel High Precision Renovation Work Measuring Instruments
Features:-Easy to use: magnetic tip for easy screw tightening.-Durable material: high quality aluminum alloy, more beautiful, more texture.-Light and convenient: the box is well organized, which can be easily put into the pocket or backpack.-Wide application: 24 screwdriver heads. We...
Punch Locator Detachable Drill Guide Woodworking Tools Drilling Dowelling Hole Punch Jig Tool Saw Adjustable Hand Tool - A
? ? Features:ABS engineering plastics.Vertical and lateral positioning combined drilling.Detachable, fast assembly and easy to carry.Thickened stainless steel coordinate ruler. ? Specifications(A): Material: alloy steel Quantity: 6Weight: 327gUsage: multi-function Specifications(B): Material: ABS + stainless steel Packaging size: length * width...
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Digital Tread Depth Gauge LCD Magnetic Self Standing Aperture Measuring Caliper Large Screen Data Retention Function Easy Read
Features:1.Purpose: depth and height measurement, aperture and groove measurement.2. Zero at any position.3. Measuring range: 0-80mm, arbitrary conversion of Metric and British system.4. Large LCD screen, data retention function, convenient reading.5. With magnetic base, easy to adsorb metal workpiece.6. Measurement...