LCD Underground Metal Detector Adjustable Handheld Scanner 5 Operation Modes Waterproof Scanner Aluminum Alloy Treasures Hunter
Features:Storage mode: the detector will store the selected metal and react only to this metal.Precise mode: press the "PP" button, the detector will enter the precise mode and no longer have the recognition ability. Just press the "PP" button and...
DSO112A TFT Touch Screen 2MHz 5Msps Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope+Probe with Color Display and Touch Screen - Conventional probe
Features:A pocket oscilloscope with color display and touch screen.2 MHz analog bandwidth, the maximum real-time sampling rate is 5 MSP.Unique rolling slow signal display, display can be completely continuous signal, unlike scanning mode will lead to discontinuous signal display.Vertical sensitivity:...
from $90.51
  • Conventional probe
  • High Pressure Probe
Digital Display Wall Scanner Detector Detecting Wire Pipes Live Cable Metal Materials Finder Electronic Measuring Instruments
Introduction:The detector can be used to detect metals (iron and non-ferrous metals), wooden beams and live cables embedded in walls, ceilings and floors, which are made of conventional concrete, ceramic tiles, wood panels, etc.Functions:1. Detection of iron and non-ferrous metals,...
HY-SRF05 DC5V Ultrasonic Wave Detector Ranging Module Distance Sensor Probe
Features:1. Stable performance2. Measuring distance accuratelyUsage method:When a control port sends a high level of more than 10US, it can wait for the high level output at the receiving port. Once the output is available, the timer can be timed....
Function Signal Generator Practical Operation Simple Conveninently Sine Triangle Square Frequency Sawtooth Wave Counter
Feature:1. Small size, multiple functions, simple operation, easy to carry.2. With an oscilloscope, which can be used in electronic circuit experiment and debugging, the frequency characteristics of audio amplifier and pulse response of test and measurement.3. Due to the good...
Digital LCD Adjustable PWM Signal Generator Duty Cycle Pulse Frequency Module Module Sine Square Triangle DIY Kit
Description:Core component: AVR MEGA8 microcontroller, a cost-effective microcontroller, usually M16 low version, peripheral ADC with 2.56v voltage regulator source,none of the other midrange microcontrollers are available.Adf4351, the traditional VCO + PLL + 6 series high speed bistable circuit (except for...
DDS Sine/Triangle/Square Output Signal Generator Adjustable Frequency Amplitude Elaborate Manufacture Prolonged Durable
Introduction:Functional (waveform) signal generator. It can generate some special periodic time function waveforms (sine wave, Fang Bo, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, pulse wave, etc.). The frequency range can be from several micro-HE to tens of MHz function signal generator.Purpose:It has...
Metal Finder Wood Studs Detector AC Voltage Live Wire Detect Wall Scanner - Black
Description:Wood stem center detector with metal and voltage detection function.It is used to detect the center position of wooden stem, metal position and live wire in wood and gypsum board wall.Features:1. Rapid detection of the central position of the stem2....
from $34.96
  • Black
  • Yellow
Multifunction Max600 Plus HF / VHF / UHF 0.1-600MHZ TFT Tester Vector Network Analyzing Tool Durable Spectrum Analyzers
Specifications:-Frequency range: 0.1-600mhz-HF / VHF / UHF continuous coverage-Input / output impedance: 50-Measurement parameters: SWR, R, + JX, - JX, | Z |, return loss-Measurement mode: single point measurement, scanning (frequency scanning) and TDR mode-SWR measurement range: 1.0-1999 (single point...
Durable 140MHz-2.7GHz USB Charging Vector Network Analyzer Tester N1201SA ANT SWR Antenna Analyzer Resistance Tester
Description:N1201SA series is a portable RF vector impedance measurement analyzer, which is easy to use and easy to operate. Built in high capacity lithium-ion battery, suitable for mobile and outdoor use.The shutdown automatically saves the setting parameters without manual intervention....
Handheld Underground Metal Detector 6 Operation Modes Adjustable Treasure Hunter Gold Silver Finder Waterproof Scanner
Descriptions:The metal detector has complete functions and strong detection ability. It is the professional equipment of treasure hunters. Through electronic technology, the device will automatically perform the most difficult steps, and the test results will be displayed on the LCD....

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